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What is Orthopaedic Therapy?

Orthopaedic Therapy is a specialised kind of physical therapy that focuses on your bones, muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments. It’s very common to have some kind of orthopaedic therapy after an illness or injury, or while recovering from an operation. It helps the body heal properly, improves strength and range of motion, and restores the function of your body.

What Orthopaedic Conditions Require Therapy?

Orthopaedic therapy focuses on the bony and soft tissue found in all areas of the body. You may have injured a joint during a fall or are feeling the wear and tear of overuse or of age. Seniors often need therapy after a knee or hip replacement, for golfers or tennis elbow, a frozen shoulder or herniated disc, lower back pain or arthritis

What will I be doing during orthopaedic therapy?

Most often, exercise is the main tool used during senior rehabilitation. Endurance and physical capability, as well as stamina and mental ability, are necessary for exercising for a sustained period of time. Barbara, your therapist, may guide you through a program that works on any or all of the following:

  • Strength
  • Stretching and flexibility
  • Range of motion
  • Balance
  • Functional mobility (e.g. getting up from a chair or picking up something off the floor)
orthopaedic and sports therapy in youghal, cork

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